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I am Mo Carry.
I am in many fandoms and talk about my boring life and my dork of a snake.
I draw....things and stuff. So many doodles.


when u wake up feelin productive


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So I am so oddly inspired

More or less, last night at outside job, a guy named Dino who works at Seaworld came out to give a lesson about Caricatures. He has been drawing them for longer than I have been born.

At first I was so scared, I’ve only been drawing them 2 years, i was regretting not going over to caricatures when they first asked me too when I was 17, I felt I was so behind everyone in skill even the newbie, but I kept watching him draw.

And now with the combo of both the children book workshop and watching this dude draw, I know I can do this. I can make it in art.


Who wants to help me practice with drawing silly caricatures?

Just drawing the faces and will probably just be in black and white to get the inking part down. BUT SEND ME YOUR PICTURES even make a silly face, I don’t mind! I want to see if I can get better, right now (okay, after desk job)

You can send pictures to carryforwardon@gmail.com.

I promise, I won’t show your photo, just the caricature!

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May none of you experience a ball python fart

It’s loud.

Scary to watch.

And messy.

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Hi good news bad news

Working all the time forever until I die. Making money.

Might actually get to do caricatures outside of kid’s park in August? Might. Might is good. I need to get better at drawing Adults for this though. I’ll probably just draw faces to save time so it really only takes like 5 mins each person.

If this works out, I may actually take caricatures at cons.

But I’m still in the phase where i don’t think my stuff is good enough well, I’ll see tomorrow since a dude who has been working for this company forever is gonna look at my stuff.

I just might not have much drawing done in the next few weeks. We’ll see. I really want to draw Pacific Rim stuff cause i got an idea for stickers and buttons!

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i’ve seen more posts of people being excited for Home than this movie, which made me upset because this movie comes out before Home does (not that i am saying that you shouldn’t praise Home as well). and as for Big Hero 6 (a movie that also comes out after the Book of Life) and the people saying that there is a lack of representation of Asians in media, i feel you. why? because there is a bigger lack of hispanics, and i agree Disney messed up, you be upset. but be happy for Hispanics as well because we finally got an animated movie representing us and our culture. so please go see this movie when it comes out.

that is all i ask.

When I saw the trailer for this when I went to see the Lego movie it was so stunning I knew it was a movie I had to see

Also it looks like it;s by the same person who did El tirge 

which was a great and fun show 

Why does everyone forget Jorge Gutierrez? Yes he is the dude behind El Tigre.
But he is both the writer and the director of this movie! Please stop forgetting him!

Everyone needs to be excited for this movie righr now.

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So I started reading manga again

And I started with Barakamon since it’s been popping up on my dash and of course this part hits too close to home:


Realizing you only have one talent if you can even call it talent is so fucking scary. Every fucking day, this is all I think about. What do I do when I can’t draw anymore? What if I do lose my sight in 10 years? I read books and novels and comics all bout this feeling. I read about cellist losing his ability to play and had nothing left to do but teach classes. Writers losing their spark. AND IT AFFECTS ME EVERY SINGLE TIME.

*more gross sobbing*

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I will be back to actually drawing tomorrow, outside is draining my hands ability to draw cause I need to draw all day

but BUT okay, I love flower crowns, you see, I love them. I want to wear them all the time (but I don’t have any too lazy to make own but got the stuff to)

But the last few days, workers at outside job are wearing these lame-ass flower crowns that have like 3 flowers and probably cost them 20 bucks. It’s so lame. So very lame. It pisses me off lame. 3 tiny little white flowers, why? I want a big flower crown with all the colors of the rainbow. Make it seasonal! COME ON MAN.

Also I got sunburn on my wrists and ankles. Only my wrist and ankles. It’s itchy.

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