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I am Mo Carry.
I am in many fandoms and talk about my boring life and my dork of a snake.
I draw....things and stuff. So many doodles.

Sailor Moon mood

Just that.

I love the new episode. I love it so much it made my shitty week just disappear. 

So now I’ve just been watching Sailor Moon all day (the old one since I wanna get caught up to the new release)

But look at these cuties:

Dammit you two will be the death of me. You fucking dorks.

This is my favorite episode so far.

But will be working everyday for the next week. some of the days working both jobs in a day like from 9-9 days so that’s fun.

I will try to draw more though! I got things to do for holidays!

Or I will just draw a lot of Sailor Moon, that is highly possible. I have a silly idea that I don’t think anyone has done just yet and I need to jump on it before someone does.

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Anime is corrupting our youth, these children need to make Jesus their senpai


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I would like everyone to know

Never argue with me about books. Never.

I just reread the Giver just to make sure what I remembered was correct (which of course it is I am the rememberer of books) and if that movie is gonna be like that damn commercial, no, it is not respectful of the original story.

Fuck your love story.

Just try to convince me again that there is a whole part of the book where Jonas is kissing Fiona, just try to convince me. I dare you. I fucking dare you to try and convince me that love was used in a romantic sense because no. In the same sentence he said he loved Asher and Fiona and Fiona wasn’t even mentioned first. Go shove that pipe up your ass.

In the next week, I will find an online version of this movie and if it’s like these commercials, I will laugh in my brother’s face as he tried to convince me it was a love story that the “love” was Important. That they are still 12.

12 year olds do not look like that.

They used 11 year olds for Harry Potter, tell me why you can’t use 12 year olds for the Giver.

I take books seriously.

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So I just found out something about the name I took during Confirmation

And it will be explained later in a thing but I’m just so surprised. I think I sealed my fate with that name at the age of 15.

But also stuff to talk about:

I don’t really eat, and yesterday was the first time in 3-4 weeks, I ate a lot. And that was bad cause today at outside job, I felt like crap. I couldn’t breathe correctly and needed to use the bathroom a lot. I got to the point I had to ask to leave early and I don’t do that. (most of the time it’s because I am bored and it’s so slow and hot)

I feel better now though. I ate some plums and drank some tea. My chest isn’t hurting and my stomach isn’t flipping out. Breathing is still a bit weird but that’s something I can’t really explain.

But I got comics to draw and comics to write and things to draw and color and just life trying to get better.

thats about it.



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in one of The Giver trailers, the narrator literally says “In a world where love is forbidden, they will fight to bring it back.” like okay that’s not what the book is about at all

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Click through to finally see the work I did at that Children’s Book workshop from weeks ago! Lots of mice.

Wanna see all the mice I drew?
Good cause here it is.


Click through to finally see the work I did at that Children’s Book workshop from weeks ago! Lots of mice.

Wanna see all the mice I drew?

Good cause here it is.

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sahar and i were talkin about eyeshield 21 as ladies and damn

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Sooo After a day of the universe being all chill and make life worth living for like 7 hours

Shit hit the fan.

I want to cry, I want it to go away, and I want it to end.

I am hoping HOPING this is solved soon cause I am scared to leave my own house to go to work for the next few days.

I’m just scared and there’s nothing I can do to help.

— 1 week ago
Imma gonna disappear from the interwebs for a few days

I am getting depressed cause the whole ‘what am I doing with my life’ cropped up again cause of something so fucking stupid.

So if you need, I’ll probably be on twitter. bite_insane that is me.

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